Sea Cave Escape Game

Sea Cave Escape Game
Escape Games – Sea Cave Escape Game
The cave was the grand palaces of our great ancestors a.k.a the ancient man. They drew images and made stone idols in caves as a proof of their existence. These paintings and idols are also invaluable gifts to the present day generation.
Despite being a wonder, caves are often associated with fear and darkness. The moment you think about caves, you see darkness and a feel a sense of emptiness. The movies that we see have added more fear by the way they portray the caves.
The most terrifying of all the caves can be the one that is underwater. You may feel a shiver down your spine when you imagine yourself to be all alone in an underwater cave.
Imagine that you have been locked up in a sea cave. All you got to do is to find out the clues and get out of the cave. Read the instructions below and enjoy the game. 1. You need to click on objects to find puzzle parts that can unlock the Stone Door
2. Next you will be taken to a dark room. First the room must be lit.
3. You will get things needed to light up the room. (Hint: Think what all you will need to light up things in a cave)
4. You can find the ladder at the end of the room
5. Now you will be in the top side of the cave. Here there is a photo frame puzzle which needs to be solved.
6. There is another puzzle that needs to be solved that will finally give you the key.

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